This Morning at Richmond Park

Swan display in Richmond Park, London

Experimenting with some remote shooting with my friend and fellow wildlife photographer Tony this morning in Richmond Park, London. This swan wasn’t interested in our bread but instead just came over and bossed the Canada geese out the way. We weren’t complaining, it was easily the most impressive moment of the morning. Could’ve done with some better lighting but then again wildlife photographers are never satisfied!

Trees in morning mist, Richmond Park, London

The flat light wasn’t great for deer shots so we turned our attention to the forest. The mist was beautiful, and with no one else around, so peaceful and hard to believe we were just a few miles from the city centre. I took this picture with my 300mm lens - telephoto lenses naturally have a shallow depth of field which can create a nice effect when focusing in on forest details.

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7 Responses to This Morning at Richmond Park

  1. ben says:

    Nice images Matt. Hope to see them soon. Tree remines me of the leg of an elephant.


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