I am a London based photographer currently focusing on the wildlife and landscapes of east Devon, England. Working on a collaborative project with Clinton Devon Estates I am photographing the habitats and animals of this unique landscape that will be published in a soft cover book in September 2017. The books purpose is to provide a landscape-scale wildlife prospectus, vision and strategy for wildlife across the Estate. It articulates and quantifies the key elements and importance of the natural assets held by the Estate, and outlines a broad roadmap and priorities for its improvement.

I undertake consultancy projects working with organisations to reveal the hidden beauty of their land, estates, and wild spaces for dissemination with their stakeholders as well as to create books and other publicity material. I have extensive experience both privately and with schools to provide activity based photo workshops and lectures about my work.

My photographs are represented by Nature Picture Library – a leading UK specialist in natural history imagery.


Since 2000 Matthew Maran has travelled the world winning awards for his landscape and wildlife photography in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Wanderlust Travel Photographer of the Year and the British Wildlife Photography Awards. His photographs of animals range from Alaskan bears to South East Asian primates and urban wildlife closer to home. His landscape photography covers many terrains – soda lakes, glacial rivers and primeval forests. His work has been published worldwide in films, books, conservation journals and magazines including BBC Wildlife and National Geographic. He has published three books under his own imprint, Hemisphere Publishing and runs activity based photo workshops for individuals, schools and businesses.