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Gran Paradiso National Park

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Gran Paradiso National Park Italy Landscape Photography

I just got back from a holiday to Italy which included 5 days trekking in the Gran Paradiso National Park. The scenery was breathtaking and a reminder to me that you don’t have to travel too far to experience true wilderness.

All the below images were taken with the iPhone 5. I love using a smart phone as it strips away all the technology and forces you to think about framing and composition. The image quality is frightening too, I wonder how long it’ll be before I toss my SLR and run the entire business from my phone?

rosebay willow herb carpets the meadows at this time of year
The refuges are situated in the most beautiful of settings
An unbelievable amount of wildflowers are on display at this time of year
Many wildflowers mean many butterfly species can be seen in the meadows
I was lucky enough to see a chamois galloping below the trail