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Hampstead Heath Photography Workshop | April 30th 2017

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Second of our back to back workshops in April and another lovely day on the Heath for photography. We had 3 images of birds, something I’m always impressed with on a one-day course, a classic bluebell shot and some great details of the mighty oak trees.

Due to the high demand we have added another workshop on Sunday June 25th. For booking and information click here

What a great looking bunch
Tim reacted brilliantly to grab this shot of a carrion crow launching, the slower shutter speed creating the motion blur giving the shot an impressionistic feel
Another great crow shot this time from Francis who persevered with the birds all morning and it paid off. The bird's character really comes through in this one
Hanish framed this crow beautifully, allowing some space in the picture and using the background to enhance the bird's silhouette
Ria filled the frame with these lovely fresh green oak leaves and again used the background to help the subject stand out
A wonderful perspective shot by Dave, great use of negative space and I love the back lit leaves
Catherine filled the frame with this lovely detailed shot of an oak. The new shots in the corner add to to the story and give a nice splash of colour.
Jill got down low to frame this nice patch of bluebells on the woodland floor. The angle gives great depth to the picture and the shallow depth of field focuses the eye to the pin-sharp bluebells in the foreground
The final print selection