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Hampstead Heath Photography Workshop February 2018 (part 2)

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Another chilly but beautiful day on Hampstead Heath for the second of our February workshops. The group set about finding texture, tone, shape and strong colours in the Heath habitat and delivered a magnificent set of images below.

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Stephen framed this lovely shot of a beech leaf under the ice. The soft subtle colours added to its beauty
Getting down low helps to isolate the focus point against the background. Pan achieved this really well capturing the lovely soft colours
Christian took a top-down view on these hyacinths and with a shallow depth-of-field created a dreamy effect
Eve captured the texture of the hollow beech really well, the portrait frame adding to the composition
Claire opting to look up captured the architecture of this oak filling the frame against the blue sky
Also using the deep blue winter sky as a backdrop Luke showed the space between the trees in a well balance composition
Peering through the trees, Matthew composed and caught the lovely light on Viaduct Bridge in this well exposed image.
Hugh chose a nice clean background to frame the hazel catkin against. The soft light adding to the feel of the composition