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Hampstead Heath Photography Workshop February 4th

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A moody misty start provided a wonderful backdrop for photography on the Heath and the group got a strong selection of images from a hard mornings work.

Who would’ve thought there would be so much colour on a drab February morning? A reminder that photography is a great way to connect with nature as it really forces you to look deeper and notice elements you would have otherwise ignored.

The next available workshop is now May 28th with 6 spots left at the time of writing. Book here¬†and for more information visit the workshops page or get in touch [email protected]

Who thought there was no colour to be found on a grey day in February? Great composition by David
Using a zoom lens Richard picked out the intricate details and warm colour of these oak leaves
Andreea made wonderful use of the nearby ponds to capture this lovely relection
Sarah captured this lovely shot of iridescent moss contrasting beautifully against the still water
Olivier got down low creating a nice angle for this shot of more colouful fungi
Leor used a shollow depth of field to capture the lovely texture of lichen. The off centre framing provides space in the picture yet your eye is always drawn to the focus point
Jon filled the frame with this classic woodland floor shot, full of texture and colour