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Hampstead Heath Photography Workshop January 7th 2017

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January 7th and the first workshop of 2017 saw some brave participants battle the cold and gather a strong selection images. It was difficult to choose one image from each photographer with such a high standard. Scroll down to see a wide range in style and proof you can shoot the Heath at anytime of the year and capture great pictures.

We’ve added 2 new dates; April 30th and May 28th due to high demand. If you’re interested in joining a workshop click here or get in touch directly [email protected]

What a lovey bunch!
Harriet showed a great use of depth of field inhighlighting the bark detail
Harriet gets down low to shoot some impressive looking fungi in the woods
Martin got this tricky exposure with light and dark elements bang on. Lovely texture and detail
Nigel framed this abstract shot of silver birch bark superbly
Lovely framing and a technically well exposed shot by Claire
Claire takes getting down low to new levels in this shot of an old oak tree
Nigel found beautiful colour on a dull day in the woodlands, picking out the forest floor details with great precision
Ollie opted for a wider view of the beeches woodland, showing the beauty created by mist and capturing a typical Heath scene really well.
Ian took this beautifully crafted photo of fungi on a dead branch. The picture has such a strong composition and great repetition throughout the frame.
Once again, each participant brings their own quality and style and the end result is always fascinating.