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Hampstead Heath Photography Workshop September 28th 2017

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A lovely day on the Heath and great to be back after the summer break. The seasonal change is one of the great things about living in this part of the world and there were already signs of autumn creeping in. The group captured some lovely images from Sandy Heath, one of my favourite places and a little off the beaten path.

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Ina framed this beech tree really well against the water back drop
A lovely view and well exposed frame by Laura
A simple but effect shot by Lewis, making great use of the still reflection
Alessandra got down low and used a shallow depth-of-field and exposed well to capture the strong light.
Maria focused in on the woodland floor to pick out the magnificent colour and sharp details.
A lovely woodland detailed shot by Margo. Making good use of the soft background
A beautiful and unusual shot by Benedetta
Mariam found these lovely fungi and executed a wonderful shot leaving lots of space in the frame
Another strong selection from a great day out on the Heath.