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Hampstead Heath Workshop June 30th

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A much needed rest in the cool woodlands on Hampstead Heath

The second workshop on a hot weekend on Hampstead Heath and the group made the most of the vibrant insect life and colours found in the meadows at this time of year

The next availability on the workshops is from October. For booking and more information click here

A stunning image taken by Poppy. Using a macro lens she found this lovely family of spiders in the undergrowth and illustrated some nice behaviour that the naked eye struggles to see
Looking up, Tom took this different view of the sun shining through the canopy and was careful with the exposure in not blowing out the highlights
Helena used the wide angle to great effect showing the animal in its environment
Daniel did the same, this time with a meadow brown butterfly in a typical 'Heath' landscape
The sun rays shining through the canopy in this image added to the striking colour of the rose bay willow herbs reaching tall in this picture by Meera
Aishah got down low and illustrated just how much colour and variety there is in the Heath's wildflower meadows
Simon used a strong leading line with this fallen trunk to really draw the viewer into the image
Marco took this lovely summery picture and made good use of the portrait format and a nice shallow depth-of-field