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Hampstead Heath Workshop September 30th

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The second of two workshops this weekend and once again we had magnificent weather and a great chance to capture the beginning of autumn and all the delights this lovely season provides.

To find out more about joining me on a future workshop on Hampstead Heath click here

Charlotte really filled the frame with this great shot of ripening blackberries
Michael found this up turned fungi and using a shallow depth of field created this lovely picture which draws you in to the focus point.
Something different from Julie and a lovely moment caught using the strong shadows of the low autumn sun.
Kevin made great use of his wide angle getting up close and showing conker shells in their environment
Matthew finding great detail in the famous Hollow Beach tree and exposing a tricky shot really well
Charlotte framed this feather beautifully against the lovely soft colours of the background. A technically well exposed shot
Deborah took this sharp, well exposed shot of a fallen feather caught up in some brambles. The low angle helping the subject to stand out against the background
Mornet tells a lovely story with this shot of a beech nut falling from its open shell. Great use of shallow depth of field too.