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Last of the winter light

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The┬ádays are getting longer and the scent in the air is changing. Primroses are showing, daffodils are budding and bird activity is increasing all over Hampstead Heath. Spring is just around the corner and when the skies are clear the low light is gorgeous. Of course active kestrels showing in this light helps improve the strength of my portfolio of these beautiful raptors and I’ve spent many hours searching the fields and scanning the tree tops. Here’s a selection from a good session┬álast week.

A kestrel banks towards me showing it's stunning plumage and flying skills
This bird repeatedly hunted worms from a low branch. Moments after I shot this the light dipped below the horizon.
It was amazing watching how successful this kestrel was at spotting worms from such a distance. A good food source when mice and voles are scarce.
No this wasn't photoshopped! The light really was that good.