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Speaking at FIIN

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Public speaking at FIIN
Speaking at FIIN 2019. Photo by Luis Ferreira

This year I was ask to present at the Festival Internacional De Imagem De Natureza in Vila Real, Portugal. When friends and family asked how it went I ended not talking about my show or the reaction from the audience but instead went into great detail about the unbelievable hospitality shown by the festival organisers.

We were picked up at the airport by two students studying languages at the local university, put up in a 4-star hotel for 4 nights, ate like kings and chaperoned to and from the theatre venue. The day we left two of the organisers came to meet us at our hotel with a going home bottle of vintage Port. Now that’s how you look after visiting guests!

The theatre was a lovely venue, great sound and screen for projecting work and the warm reception was matched by the warmth of the Vila Real people throughout our trip. It’s always nice meeting new photographers including Luis Ferreira and Victor Ortega too.  I got to learn about their great work and encourage you to check them out.

Speaking at Festival Internacional de Imagem de Natureza
Talk about London's foxes in Vila Real. Photo by Luis Ferreira