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A Head For Heights

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Aerial Hampstead Heath London Photography

I’ve recently been looking at a number of ways to¬†get aerial shots of Hampstead Heath, and this week I met up with David and Conrad – tree management officers for the City Of London. They were kind enough to get me up in the Mewp (also known as a Cherry Picker) to gain height and do some reconnaissance in a few different locations. The knees just about held together at 17 meters up and the views were spectacular.

We’ve planned to do a shoot towards the end of the month once the leaves are fully out and the light is right. I’ll be posting the images on my Blog so watch this space!

All images by kind permission of David Humphries.

Getting the Mewp in position with Conrad at the controls
The Mewp runs off a battery, is super quiet and can reach 17 meters high
It was a real privilege to get a new vantage point of familiar views over Hampstead Heath