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Podcast Interlude

Episode 42

Podcast Interlude

About the Podcast’s new Patreon Page

No guest this week but I’m dialling in to let you all know I’ve set up a Patreon page for the podcast so if you’d like to support what I do please visit and sign up as a paid member.

I’ve been reflecting a fair bit about what to do going forward with the podcast and where I’m at now. Regular listeners will know I’m a big advocate of never working for free, we talk about this a lot on the podcast, and I myself support a few of my favourite podcasts by donating a monthly sum.


You can of course still listen for free but if you’d like to support I’d be most grateful, it will really help with the amount of time I put into creating them and if you can’t then please help spread the word. It would also help to incentivise me to bring you more podcasts and I know from the feedback I have got over the years that the audience is really in to it.

Thank you so much!