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Talking with Andy Parkinson

Episode 8

Talking with Andy Parkinson

About Andy Parkinson,

“You have to produce your own vision, your own interpretation of events and this is my way of trying to reveal the astonishing beauty and the value of UK natural history. By showing it to as wide an audience as possible I’m simply trying to get people to connect, to be inspired. Only then will people be more likely to care about it and then strive to protect it”

Andy Parkinson is one of Europe’s most awarded wildlife photographers, with over 100 awarded images across the major nature photography competitions. He was the overall winner of the Bird Photographer of the Year on 2016 and the most successful photographer in the history of the British Wildlife Photography Awards. He has three awards in each of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and European Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Andy is also a feature contributor to National Geographic and his work is widely published in magazines such as Terre Sauvage, Geo and BBC Wildlife.

One of the great things about Andy’s success as a wildlife photographer is the majority of his work is photographed within a 10-mile radius from his home in Derbyshire.

Andy champions British Wildlife and shows us that great photography is not about visiting the most exotic locations but rather spending time on subjects close to home and doing them really well. He is always shooting and continually producing fresh and exciting images of animals such as badgers, foxes, swans and coots.

Follow Andy on Instagram and you will get an insight into his approach to photography and passion for his subject. He doesn’t pull punches about his feelings towards animal welfare and the environment and as a committed vegan he is an ardent supporter of extending rights to all animals.

In this episode we cover everything from photographic techniques, choice of location, jealous mates, hating processing and why aren’t all wildlife photographers vegan. Enjoy!

To see more of Andy’s work visit and on Instagram @andyparkinsonphoto