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Talking With Morgan Heim

Episode 40

Talking With Morgan Heim

About Morgan Heim

Morgan Heim is a wildlife photojournalist and filmmaker who has dedicated her craft to capturing the intricate narratives of wildlife and human coexistence, both in her home country of the United States and abroad. Renowned for her profound storytelling abilities, Morgan combines captivating still photography with compelling video footage to bring a diverse array of stories to life.

With a keen focus on conservation, Morgan has explored topics such as the delicate relationship between seabirds and their environment on Middleton Island in Alaska, to the captivating lives of fishing cats in Thailand. Through her work, Morgan’s deep empathy for her subjects, whether they are human or non-human, shines through, enabling viewers to dive into the realm of human and non-human connection and understanding.

In this episode we talk about making a living shooting both stills and film, the importance of building relationships and her personal efforts to make a change to see more diversity and inclusion in nature photography and conservation.

To find out more about Morgan and see her beautiful films and stills have a look at the links below: | IG @moheim | Facebook/morgan.heim.naturegirl