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Talking with Suzi Eszterhas

Episode 31

Talking with Suzi Eszterhas

About Suzi Eszterhas

Suzi Eszterhas is an award-winning wildlife photographer who specialises in photographing newborn animals including elephants, cheetahs and sloths . A recent expedition to Botswana saw her get up close and personal with a family of meerkats which produced some astonishing results. But it’s not just the cute factor that Suzi is interested in capturing. She believes in showing the beauty of the innocence and vulnerability of young animals as a way of capturing people’s hearts with the hope of making them care about the natural world.

Suzi’s photographs are inspirational and her work goes beyond taking pictures. She is actively involved with a number of charitable organisations such as The Sloth Conservation Foundation and  Wildlife Conservation Network She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Girls Who Click, a non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging young women to enter the male-dominated profession of wildlife photography.

Suzi has published over 20 books and her most recent, New On Earth, is a spectacular collection from groundbreaking images of tiger cubs in their den in India, to newborn cheetahs on the African savanna, to brown bear cubs seeing the world for the first time in the Alaskan wilderness. She is also a prolific editorial photographer with over 100 features or cover stories in magazines such as Natiotional Gepgraphic, BBC Wildlife and Ranger Rick.

In this episode we talk about Suzi’s struggles and the realities of dealing with $50,000 of debt when starting out, battling being pigeon-holed as the ‘baby animal’ photographer and the extra effort her and so many other women face trying to make a career in wildlife photography. We also talk about the positives, Suzi’s wish list for the future and the importance of finding a healthy work/life balance.

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