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Talking with Will Burrard-Lucas

Episode 33

Talking with Will Burrard-Lucas

About Will Burrard-Lucas

Will Burarrd-Lucas is a British wildlife photographer who specialises in capturing intimate portraits of some of Africa’s most charismatic and elusive species. His love for the natural world began at a young age after spending much of his childhood living in Tanzania in East Africa. The allure of seeing and photographing animals such as elephants, lions and leopards has kept him going back ever since and most of his current photo projects are now focused on Kenyan wildlife.

Will’s entrepreneurial spirit led him away from traditional, long lens photography of animals to focus on getting close to wildlife using wide-angle lenses. With many failed attempts and a couple of cameras destroyed by elephants, and lions, Will has persevered over many years using innovative field craft and remote camera techniques and the results have been spectacular. His efforts have paid off with images published worldwide and featuring in some of the most prestigious nature photography competitions.

Thirteen years ago Will built ‘BeetleCam’ a remote control buggy that enables him to get a fresh, ground-level perspective and unique views of animals seldom seen with a wide angle viewpoint. BeetleCam has evolved over the years and is currently on version six. You can see the evolution and resulting images from this invention on Will’s YouTube channel.

Will has also developed a range of camera trap equipment to photograph a wide variety of nocturnal species. He set up Camtraptions in 2013 which is now a leading global supplier of camera trap photography equipment. He rigorously tests this equipment himself and over the years has produced some astonishing results including stunning images of a black leopard in Kenya. The images from this ambitious project and how he captured them can be seen in a recent publication entitled The Black Leopard, My quest to Photograph one Africa’s Most Elusive Big Cats.

Will also gave a Ted Talk about his 10 year journey capturing the black leopard photographs.

To find out more about Will and Camtraptions please check out the links below Twitter @willbl Insta @willbl Facebook /BLphotography