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Podcast / Talking with Margot about Remembering Bears

Talking with Margot about Remembering Bears

Episode 35

Talking with Margot about Remembering Bears

About Remembering Wildlife

Back on the podcast for second visit, Margot Raggett tells us about her latest book, Remembering Bears. Margot was a guest on this podcast four years ago so to find out more about her and the birth of this unique fundraising initiative head back to episode 12.

Remembering Bears is the 7th book in what has become a hugely successful campaign that has raised almost one million pounds for the conservation of each of the book’s featured species. As my previous guest Charlie said, success doesn’t necessarily make you happy but it does make you busy and sitting in Margot’s living room for this interview surrounded by boxes it’s evident just how busy her and her team are.

Margot has worked tirelessly on Remembering since retiring as a CEO of a PR company in London eight years ago. She has sold more than 33,000 books and helped to support conservation projects in 24 countries.

For the first time, Remembering Bears has been extended from 144 to 160 pages to accommodate even more incredible photographs by the world’s best wildlife photographers so please get behind this latest book and all the others in the series by buying or spreading the word with family, friends and colleagues.

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