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Talking With Chantelle Lindsay

Episode 43

Talking With Chantelle Lindsay

About Chantelle Lindsay

This week, I have the pleasure of hosting Chantelle Lindsay as my guest. Living in South London, but a Yorkshire lass at heart with roots in Doncaster and Peterborough, Chantelle is a versatile wildlife conservationist and TV presenter. She also serves as a coordinator, leading nature-based wellbeing sessions for young individuals. Chantelle is dedicated to making nature inclusive and accessible to everyone. Her goal is to instigate positive change within the environmental sector and beyond, aspiring to be a beacon of love and a force for good

She is passionate about inspiring and empowering underrepresented individuals to connect with nature and advocates for many organisations including Flock Together, Black Girls Hike and the London Wildlife Trust’s own Keeping it Wild programme.

In this podcast, she candidly shares her own challenges and the tenacious journey she undertook to establish herself in the industry whilst dealing with her own issues of self-doubt. I’m so grateful for Chantelle for speaking so openly, she’s so warm and has a very generous spirit and I’m sure you’re really going to enjoy this.

You can follow Chantelle on social media here Instagram @chantellenaturelle Twitter @chan_naturelle and LinkedIn