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Talking with Alexa Keefe

Episode 44

Talking with Alexa Keefe

About Alexa Keefe

Alexa Keefe is the senior photo editor for wildlife at National Geographic magazine, shaping the visual narrative for cross-platform stories related to conservation, natural history, and the intersection between humans and animals. She first joined National Geographic in 2011 as a photography producer and then became one of the founding editors of Proof, National Geographic’s award-winning digital series highlighting the experiences of visual storytellers from around the world.

Alexa’s love of storytelling began at a young age with drawing and creative writing, followed by a degree in French literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her passion has found its truest expression in collaborating with fellow storytellers to discover and shape real-life stories, particularly those that translate the complex challenges and profound beauty of our relationship with the natural world into impactful visual narratives.

Alexa’s photo editing work has been recognised by the National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year International, and the Society of Publication Designers.

In this episode we look back at Alexa’s early career her love of storytelling and rise to working as a senior photo editor at National Geographic. @alexa_keefe