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Talking with Keith Wilson

Episode 2

Talking with Keith Wilson

About Keith Wilson

‘Don’t give up, you’ve got to play the long game, you’ve got to plan things out and you’ve got to make it different to what has already appeared’ – This is Keith’s advice to anyone embarking on a big photography or book making project, and he should know, having worked on books for the well-known nature photographers Charlie Waite, David Lloyd, Leeming + Paterson, and Jonathan Chritchley. And it’s not only books that Keith has produced: in a career spanning over 30 years he has worked for daily newspapers in Australia and the UK, edited the world’s biggest weekly photo magazine – Amateur Photographer, launched and edited other titles including Outdoor Photography and most recently Wild Planet Photo Magazine, the world’s first digital title devoted wholly to wildlife photography.

In the brief time I’ve known Keith he’s been very generous with his time and support and his measured approach has earned him great respect in the field of publishing and photography. His work on the Remembering Elephants project is a testament to his drive and passion for conservation of endangered species, and at the time of writing the book and exhibition has raised more than £130,000, all of which goes directly to anti-poaching operations across Africa.

Keith’s CV would fill these text fields alone so the best way to learn more about him and his work is to listen yourself by either pressing play now or downloading on iTunes. Enjoy!