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Talking With Marcus Westberg

Episode 39

Talking With Marcus Westberg

About Marcus Westberg

Marcus Westberg is a photographer and writer dedicated to sharing diverse conservation narratives across Africa, Asia, and his native Sweden in Europe. His work has featured in publications such as the New York Times, Guardian, Geo, and Africa Geographic. Marcus has been honoured with numerous accolades, including at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Siena Awards, and the Sony World Photographer Award for best Swedish Photographer.

Despite his well-deserved recognition, Marcus remains resolutely focused on utilising his images to inspire and educate global audiences. We dive deep into Marcus’ approach to his projects, the impact of his stories, the pros and cons of social media and the impact of AI on the future of photography.

When not enjoying his downtime at home in Portugal, Marcus dedicates much of his year to capturing images that support NGOs and other organisations in conveying their work on the front lines. His photographs help these organisations reach their audience, donors and bring attention to pressing conservation issues at a local and government level.

To learn more about Marcus please follow the links provided below:

Web  |  Instagram marcuswestbergphotography  |  Facebook MarcusWestbergPhotography  |  Twitter thelifeofmarcus